Normally we do not charge for the first visit. Our orthodontist, Dr. Richard Joseph will make a quick examination to determine problems. If braces are indicated, we will answer important questions about treatment, such as: 1) How much will it cost? 2) How long will the braces be worn? 3) Will it be necessary for any teeth to be removed or for any surgical procedures? In some cases, we may need to take an X-ray to make a diagnosis. Visits to the orthodontist are not like going to other types of doctors. The atmosphere in our office is very casual, and there should never be any procedure that is painful. The results of orthodontic treatment are a positive transformation that can change your life–A SMILE IS FOREVER!

If you have decided that the time is right for treatment, or if it has been recommended by your dentist. Call The Brace Place today at 417-782-1500 to schedule the first orthodontic visit in Joplin, Missouri, for yourself or your child at The Brace Place.